This easy homemade Spanish Rice recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make and a few simple ingredients. The rice […]

Delicious Sesame ShrimpThis dish is made with deep-fried shrimp, and coated in a sweet and salty sauce. This easy recipe […]

It’s quick and easy Chicken Wonton SoupThis recipe takes less that 30 minutes to prepare. This Chinese dumpling recipe includes […]

Learn how to make GnocchiYou only need four ingredients to make this at home. This simple potato gnocchi recipe will […]

Fried shrimp – Ebi Furai is a Japanese term for juicy shrimp wrapped in a thick crust and fried until […]

Hot and spicy Sichuan hot tofu. I think most of my readers love this tofu. Mapo tofuIt is considered one […]

Hot oyster garlic noodles are super easy and delicious. Noodles are my favourite choice for quick meals. Noodles can be […]

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